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Real Estate


Whether you’re a first time home buyer or a seasoned commercial purchaser, buying or selling property is among one of the biggest decisions you can make.


You should not take chances with property contracts because they can have significant implications for you.  Issues such as conditions of sale, title searching, tax implications, financing the transaction, closing procedures and a whole host of other technical issues can seriously affect your rights and obligations. At Wilson Law Partners our lawyers have a thorough knowledge of property law and you can count on us to help you with a broad range of issues.



We can assist you in a commercial transaction with:

  • Purchase or sale of commercial property

  • Commercial and residential leasing

  • Power of sale and foreclosure

  • Property planning and development



We can assist you in a residential real estate transaction with:

  • Purchasing and/or selling

  • Arranging for Financing for residential properties

  • Employee relocation




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