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Business Law


Whether you’re embarking upon a new business venture or operating a well established business, we can assist you with a wide range of legal services to help your business survive, grow and prosper.



If you are embarking upon a new venture:


Contact a lawyer at Wilson Law Partners for advice on matters such as incorporation, partnerships, financing, shareholder agreements and liability issues and how these issues impact you and your business.


We can assist you in deciding the following:

  • Determining the business structure that best works for you such as:
  • Is incorporation right for you or should you begin as a sole proprietor?
  • What are the pros and cons of partnership?
  • Balancing investor and proprietor rights through share structure and shareholder agreements.
  • Determining your rights as a shareholder
  • Assessing your personal financial liability if the business should fail
  • Discussing various financing methods

If you own or operate a well-established business:


You can benefit from knowledge and experience of the lawyers at Wilson Law Partners when you are considering a business acquisition or sale, corporate reorganization and restructuring, joint venture, or franchise arrangement or are entering into a corporate financing transaction or are considering a tax planning restructuring.


We can assist you when you:


  • Bring on new shareholders or partners
  • Buy or sell a business
  • Require information on financing options and opportunities
  • Plan a corporate reorganization or restructuring




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